Acoustic Wood Panels, Diffusers, & Reflectors

Acoustic wood panels, diffusers, and reflectors allow architects and designers to combine the warm rich feel of wood with superior acoustic performance. Utilizing today's modern manufacturing processes, acoustic wood wall and ceiling panels can be fabricated with a wide variety of sizes, shapes, finishes, and edge detail. With a large selection of wood species available, acoustic wood panels can be seamlessly integrated into any decor, allowing for unlimited creativity. Learn More

RCB Associates

RCB Associates provides highest quality and performance available in the industry today. RCB maintains custom designs and thinks "outside the box" to accommodate innovative architects, consultants, contractors and end users. RCB manufactures cutting edge products that are truly as functional and cost effective as they are pleasing and exciting in appearance, with zero maintenance.

Specialties: RCB Millennium Series Reflectors (curved), RCB Acoustic Panel Series (Flat), Wall & Ceiling Mounted Scattering Diffusers, Wooden Quadratic Diffusers, Wooden Series Quadiffusers


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