Exterior Facades & Building Envelope


Advanced Architectural Products / SMARTci™

SMARTci™ is a continuous insulation system that can dramatically reduce the cost to heat and cool a building, plus it meets ASHRAE 90.1-2013 and ASHRAE 160-2009 code. It can assist in LEED certification and utilizes green building technology, so it's environmentally friendly too! The system is made up of thermally insulated sub-girts, insulation, universal cladding attachments and an engineered installation package. Simply put, SMARTci™ makes buildings smarter.

Specialties: True Continuous insulation (Poly-Iso, Mineral Wool, Spray Foam, XPS), Universal Cladding Attachment, Eliminates issues associated with thermal bridging, Zero thermal shorts for fasteners, therefore eliminating condensation in the wall cavity.


CERACLAD is a factory-finished, ceramic coated, fiber cement siding system which utilizes a proven rain screen technology that creates a ventilation layer preventing mold and dry rot. Suitable for new construction and retrofit projects, CERACLAD Rain Screen Exterior Siding System is a complete package consisting of pre-finished siding panels in a variety of patterns and textures, with innovative panel clips and accessories, all of which have been designed for ease of installation. CERACLAD's coating technology provides a high-performance surface finish that protects against fading and discoloration, with very little maintenance.

  • Helps avoid mold and health problems and dry-rot in walls
  • Long lasting, energy and resource efficient.
  • Designed to allow both horizontal and vertical application.
  • Available in a wide variety of colors and textures as well as CREATIV™ Custom Color Program.
  • Panels consist of 43.5% recycled material and are 100% recyclable.

Specialties: Pre-finished, heat-resistant, water resistant UV-cutting, ceramic coated finish, fiber cement rainscreen panel system with innovative mounting clips and accessories.

Cladding Corp

Cladding Corp serves as North America's rainscreen solution provider. In all that we do, our goal is to master the art and science of proper drained and back-ventilated (DBV) rainscreen design for North America. From an exterior cladding perspective, our product approach is focused on three elemental material types: fiber cement, terracotta and ceramic stone - each with a conviction for sustainability in mind. All of our panel products are sourced from natural raw materials - elements that come from the earth and can go back to the earth - truly rainscreen from the ground up!

Specialties: Rain-Screens utilizing - SwissPearl Fiber Cement, Terra5 - Terra-Cotta, Ceramic 5 - porcelain-grade ceramic rainscreen panels


Dri-Design hits the mark where both form and function meet. Through 30 years of true in-field experience and meticulous engineering, an architectural metal wall panel system was developed.

The Dri-Design panel system is:

  • A 100% recyclable, pressure equalized rain-screen that attaches to nearly any substrate without the use of clips or extrusions.
  • It is not laminated, nor a composite material, therefore will panels never delaminate.
  • It doesn't require joint sealants, gaskets, or butyl tape, and therefore eliminates the staining and maintenance costs associated with them.
  • It is manufactured efficiently and installs faster than any comparable product, saving time and money.

Additionally, Dri-Design's patented design has passed the most stringent air, water and structural testing requirements in the industry, including the AAMA 508-07 test for pressure equalized rain-screens, as well as Miami-Dade County hurricane testing.


  • Pressure equalized metal plate rain-screen, that provides nearly endless design possibilities
  • AAMA 508-07 tested system, with no joint sealants, gaskets, or butyl tape
  • An unlimited palate of colors, finishes, materials, textures, and custom perforations, including imaging


Produced in Spain and stocked in the USA, Parklex Façade Panels are unique in that they are made with real wood veneer. Parklex products create solutions for different applications and architectural typologies. The result of this process are sets of interior and exterior cladding that do not require maintenance. Their outstanding features are material quality, straightforward installation and their resistance to moisture and intensive use.

Specialties: Ventilated facades, acoustic spaces or decking for terraces and swimming pools.

Pittcon Industries

Since the 1940's Pittcon Industries has been a leading manufacturer of custom architectural metal Products. Pittcon Industries manufactures a wide variety of exterior and interior products to include column covers, perimeter trims, and moldings.

Specialties: Architectural exterior metal column covers, perimeter trims, and moldings.


Founded in 1987, Plasterform is one of the largest custom casting manufacturers in the world. We manufacture the most extensive line of architectural casting products.

Specialties: Standard & custom exterior and interior casted column covers, rainscreen cladding, moldings, domes, cupolas, and other products made from glass-fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC), and poly-resin (GFRP).


Produced in Wisconsin by Fiberesin Industries, Stonewood™ Phenolic Resin Panels are available in solid color, abstract and faux wood grain patterns giving the designer unlimited ability in design. Thickness from 1/8" to 1", Class A or B fire rating using NFPA 285 wall assemblies, maximum size of 4'x8'. Panels can be fabricated to virtually any size or shape at the factory or also easily on-site. Suited for exterior and interior application. Perforated and slotted panels as well as custom graphics.

Specialties: Solid phenolic panels for use as open joint exterior cladding or interior wall covering.


  • RainBarrier® Rain Screen & Cavity Wall Continuous Insulation provide energy saving continuous insulation (ci), fire protection, and acoustical control while efficiently draining water from a wall cavity system. RainBarrier® has several distinct advantages over other insulation products in these types of construction.
  • Thermafiber® VersaBoard® is a multi-purpose mineral wool insulation. These products are great for parking garage, under decking, mechanical rooms, and other areas where insulation is required. These products are engineered to repel moisture and can be an exposed interior surface.

Specialties: Non-combustible, fire-resistant, Sustainable, Permeable, UV resistant, & Easy to fabricate / Install.


For over a decade VaproShield® has designed and manufactured high performance vapor permeable water resistive barriers (WRB) and air barrier (AB) membranes and accessories, creating a comprehensive approach to protecting the building envelope that leads to unprecedented savings, up to 50% savings compared to major competitors. VaproShield membranes work on virtually all substrates & installs in virtually all weather conditions; therefore offering proven compatibility, and considered the most Phase Construction Friendly WRB/Air Barrier in the industry. We were awarded the coveted Declare Label for the WrapShield SA Self-Adhered System, placing VaproShield® at the forefront of the transparency movement.

Specialties: ASTM E2357 compliant in multiple assembles, Class A fire rating, 20 year material warranty, sustains 180 days UV and climate exposure. Zero VOC's and do not require toxic/flammable primers, making them safe to transport, handle and install.